Buggy Baggy - A Smart Solution to Shopping with Baby

No more single handed stroller pushing and no more juggling baskets and babies! 

The purpose of the Buggy Baggy is to provide parents with an easy-to-use basket that will make shopping easier. The Buggy Baggy is for more than a trip to the grocery store, but all shopping experiences and outdoor excursions such as amusement parks and festivals.

Buggy Baggy closes when not in use, and opens into a basket for all of your shopping and storing needs. It helps parents organize strollers and gives them back their hands to be free to tend to baby if needed.

The Buggy Baggy is also the perfect solution to consolidate your personal items and all the extras that hang from the stroller. In today’s busy world, parents need solutions that are quick, easy, and convenient and take away as much stress as possible. Why wait until you have help at the store or someone to watch the kids just to run errands? The Buggy Baggy is an extra hand for parents to get shopping done.


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