Feeling the Love in Chicago

Thanks Chicago for an amazing show! Buggy Baggy recently debuted at the inaugural JPMA Baby Show and we had such a great time hanging with new and expectant parents. 

Love was in the air and while I wanted it to all be unconditional love for Buggy Baggy--it wasn't. LOL! Well it was, but I was more impressed by the happy couples. It was love coming from the lovely couples holding hands, gazing at each other with anticipation of their bundles of joy. As they went from booth to booth it was clear they wanted the best products and husbands knew that "no" wasn't even a possibility for their pregnant wives. Way too cute. 

As the couples danced our way they lit up with joy to see a product that will lighten their load. We are happy to be a part of your new mommy and daddy experience. Thanks for wrapping us up and taking us home with you as well. 

As I write this, I simply wanted to share the love I experienced. With so much turmoil and strife in our world, a simple weekend spent with people that love each other and want what's best for their kids, was icing on the cake for our wonderful time in Chicago. 

P.S. I've always had Chicago as my top place to live and was heading that way until I met my Prince Charming. I can't seem to convince him that cold weather and lots of snow will be fun. I'll keep trying. Any ways to help me convince him is welcome. (Wink Wink)

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