Apples, Oranges and a New Product!

Apples, Oranges and a New Product!

It’s funny how new adventures can pave the way for the next chapter in life. I had no idea that a clunky, frustrating trip to the grocery store would inspire me to create a product and become an inventor overnight.

When my middle child was a few months old I ventured to the store with him to get a few items. I’d had a long, tough recovery and I was so happy just to get out of the house. When we arrived, I put him in the stroller, cheerfully pranced my way to the store feeling empowered, but upon entering…I froze. How exactly do you shop with this stroller? Check out the full story here.

The hunt was on. I needed an easy way to shop and keep the baby safe (sorry I'm not a carrier on the shopping cart mama). I am way too clumsy for that! #sorrynotsorry.

Once I started my research I found that other moms were asking this same question but there weren’t any solutions. At least I wasn’t alone! (Very important that SuperMom wasn’t losing it).

I wanted to take a moment to share my lessons learned. Being a mom is hard enough. Let's stick together and create great solutions to make like easier for us. Go momprenuers!

My lessons learned:

  • Not everything goes according to plan. Stick with it and be flexible.
  • People don’t know what they need until they need it. 
  • Being an inventor is A LOT of work.
  • Just do it! 

So from a quick run to the store, I’ve launched a product that will help moms and dads easily maneuver the quick shopping run or other errands. What’s more? It’s great for amusement parks, library, festivals and much more.

I hope Buggy Baggy will help us moms (and dads) wear SuperMom capes proudly. Snap on your Buggy Baggy and shop on.


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